Stage Fright

The dreaded first post! Nothing but insane amounts of pressure to impress everyone. It’s not just pressure, though. I really do want to impress all of you. Fact of the matter is… I am not impressive. I live a simple life. I have a simple job. I am, simply, a mother, a woman, a person wanting to better herself, and someone wanting to inspire others. Throughout this journey, if I can attract just one of you to read and continue to follow my posts then I will feel successful. This blog is going to be all over the place! I want to find my niche but until then I’ll just talk about anything and everything. I have a lot of advice for single mothers; ways to save money, maximizing small spaces, ways to organize. I may tell you something funny I heard the other day or a story about the craziest thing my child did. Some days I might just dream out loud or go on about the insane finale of one of the many shows I watch. In any case, I hope you feel entertained.

For now, I feel incredibly relieved that this is the end of my first blog post and I never have to experience it again. EVER. And, boy, is that one of the best feelings in the universe!




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